Yacht Share Mediterranean T/A YSMGlobal makes the dream of owning a boat in the Mediterranean or Australia come true for sailors worldwide.

If you are passionate about cruising in Australia or overseas, the opportunity of clear title boat ownership through syndication is possible with YSMGlobal fractional boat ownership.

“All of my overseas charter experiences have been compromised by design and operational issues. For example in a charter yacht you never see an owner configuration”

Canadian charterer

Affordable and hassle-free yacht ownership is available in one or more of our premium brand luxury cruising sailboats.

Owning a boat through YSMGlobal provides you with flexibility in sailing without the direct responsibility of ownership and daily maintenance. No longer do international owners need to waste precious time and funds with a boat docked and not being used.

“ We have had a great five years with our boat in the Caribbean but I have drawn the short straw and landed the job of doing all of the operational stuff. I want a syndicated ownership situation without me having to do all the work”

Australian part owner of a syndicated yacht

…Purely enjoy the experience of sailing your own yacht.

• Luxury European yacht ownership for Australian, New Zealand and citizens of other countries.
• Easy access and professional boat care in Turkey, Greece, Croatia, France and Australia
• Affordable one-sixth ownership pricing for new model performance cruisers
• First class “walk on – walk off” turn key sailing
• Freedom to optimise your sailing itinerary at your leisure
• Single point of contact in Australia with over 30 years of experience in the Med
• Skipper provided at additional cost

If you’re an avid sailor, you are probably more passionate about your travel and sailing itineraries than most. However, covering cruising ground in the Med particularly when you live in the Southern Hemisphere can seem daunting.

“ Now that I have found a professional manager who I can trust and all I have to do is sail the boat for my two months every year I am happy”.

An Australian owner of a yacht based in Turkey

YSMGlobal provides the option of boat ownership by syndication for the sailor that really wants to explore Europe or Australia.

Boat syndicates in the Med for Australian and New Zealand citizens are unique and limited. An early commitment is best to ensure a desirable schedule that suites the optimal sailing season.

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